Absolut Spoofs are ads published by a company usually without Absolut's consent. These ads tend to mock Absolut Vodka in various ways. Some are funny while others don't make much sense.

Chairs formed in the shape of a bottle.
Absolut AA.
Young kid standing inside a bottle.
Absolut Amatuer.
Man with blood on his forhead in the shape of a bottle.
Absolut Bar Brawl.
Absolut Beauty Enhancer.
Aerial view of a golf course in Boca Raton, Florida.
Absolut Boca.
Absolut Cirrhosis.
Absolut Control.
Absolut Diapers.
Absolut Do-It-Yourself Photos.
Absolut Driver.
Absolut Drunk.
Absolut End.
Absolut Gaza.
Absolut Giuliani.
Fake ad. Hafrada means
Absolut Hafrada.
Absolut Hangover.
Absolut Heeb.
Fake ad used in Sex & The City
Absolut Hunk.
Absolut Idiot.
Absolut Impotence.
Absolut Integrity.
Absolut Kevorkian.
Absolut Liver.
Absolut Mistake.
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