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Where can I send in my own idea for an Absolut ad?
For copyright reasons, The Absolut Company is unable to accept ad ideas from outside the company and their advertising agency. They say they appreciate your enthusiasm, but please do not send them any suggestions. You can however send us your original Absolut ads for display on the website.

Who can I contact to have Absolut sponser our event?
As we have no affiliation with Absolut or it's advertising agency, please contact them directly at Absolut.com or TBWA/Chiat Day Ad Agency in NYC.

How can I purchase Absolut ads
Click on the Absolutly Useful section, and there you will find ads and other Absolut items for sale.

What is a Whiteback?
A whiteback is an ad reprint that was made by the Absolut Company or it's ad agency. These ads are high quality glossy ads that are professionally printed.

Was there an Absolut Calendar for 2003?
There was no printed calendar sold to the public for 2003, however there is a digital 2003 fashion calendar on the Absolut.com website that you can download each month. Go to Absolut.com/metamorphosis for more details.

Are there any carbohydrates in Absolut?
According to www.absolut.com, Absolut Vodka consists of almost exclusively alcohol and water and does not contain carbohydrates. This information is also valid for the flavored Absolut vodkas.

Where can I get information for my research paper?
www.Absolut.com says: For those who wish to know more about Absolut they would be glad to send you:

  • The Story - a brochure that covers the product and its history, the bottle, their marketing campaign and their commitment to the arts.
  • Art & Fashion, a brochure about Absolut's commitment to art and fashion
  • Absolut Shipments for 1979-2001
  • The Vin & Sprit Annual Report 2001
They do not send information to anyone under legal drinking age, so please send a photocopy of your driver's license or other ID along with your name and address to: The Absolut Company, SE-117 97 Stockholm, Sweden. You can also fax requests to Siteinfo at +46-8-744-71-70 or email to siteinfo@absolut.se

Is there a book with all the Absolut Ads?
We try to show as many of the Absolut Ads out there as possibly here at AbsolutAd.com, however there is no official website or exhibition showing the complete collection of Absolut ads. A lot of the US ads published through 1996 can be found in the best-seller Absolut Book.

How much Absolut is sold worldwide?
According to Absolut.com: Since its launch in 1979, Absolut has achieved significant worldwide sales growth from 10,000 nine-liter cases to 7.3 million nine-liter cases in 2001. 400,000 bottles of Absolut are produced every day. Absolut is now available in 125 markets. (source: The Absolut Company/V&S Vin & Sprit AB)

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