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ABSOLUT OUT is a new 4-page ad Spectacular, formed of hard white cardboard. Pages 2 and 3 contain 9 closet doors. On the left side of page 2 and on the right side of page 3, there are pull-tabs marked: Come Out. When pulled, these tabs open all the doors on a page.

On Page 1, it states: Saturday, October 11 No Time Like the Present.

On page 2, there are 4 doors. Door #1 is a silver folding door, with men's exercise clothing and equipment inside. Door #2 is a light-brown wood color. Inside are blue ribbons and trophies, plus photos of dogs. Door #3 is a dark-brown wood color. Inside are men's ties (on the inside of the door), white shirts, gray suits, black men's shoes, pink women's shoes and a pink party dress. Door #4 is red. A guitar, leather outfits and an Absolut Pistols poster are inside.

On page 3, there are 5 doors. Door #5 is a mustard yellow color. Inside are a Girl's Varsity sweatshirt, a net bag with basketball, soccer ball, (etc.), team pennants, photos and a clipboard with an Absolut bottle shape (similar to the Absolut Trivia ad) on it. Door #6 is actually two purple doors, with wigs, a make up mirror, feather boa, and women's inside. Door #7 is olive-green colored. Inside is a Gay Pride rainbow flag, along with posters, gay porn videotapes and a bullhorn. Door #8 is pink. Inside: shoes, a teddy bear, clothing accessories and more shoes! Door #9 is a dark-green color. Inside: men's golf clothes, golf clubs, a tennis racquet, and a large black trunk. The logo is at the bottom of the page. If pages 2 and 3 of the ad are turned sideways, the doors form an Absolut shape (more so if the doors are all open), with the silver door being the bottle cap.

Page 4 shows this statement: National Coming Out Day (October 11) is an international event that gives gay, lesbian and bisexual people the opportunity to "come out" to others about their sexuality. It also provides a means of increasing the visibility of gay people. This piece is a miniature replica of the spectacular life-size billboard created to bring dimension and attention to this important day. ABSOLUT OUT is also an on line auction of items donated from celebrity closets, with all proceeds benefitting the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. ABSOLUT has been an advocate of the gay and lesbian community since 1981. ABSOLUT OUT celebrates the creativity and diversity of openly gay people.

The typical Absolut advertisement information is presented at the bottom of the page, including ©2003 and Imported by the Absolut Spirits Co., Inc., New York, N.Y.

11/03 Genre magazine (newsstand issue), between pages 16 and 17
Pull-open closets.
Pull-open closets.
Pull-open closets.
Pull-open closets.
Copyright: 2003
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