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ABSOLUT HARONITAKI is on the inside back cover of the 2/24/03 issue of Time magazine, the European edition. The ad shows an otherwise nude portrayal of the artist, covered in fur, which is presented in alternating white and dark brown stripes, resembling a zebra. The stripes on his hairy chest form an Absolut shape. The following info is printed up the left margin: TBWA, Artwork by Arpassio Haronitaki, and ©2003. This is the newest ad in the ABSOLUT GENERATIONS Series.

An ABSOLUT GENERATIONS interview page, When Haronitaki met Bourgeois, is presented on the facing page (60). Here, artist Louise Bourgeois granted Absolut artistic license to Arpassio Haronitaki, and interviews him. Arpassio is from Greece and has had numerous shows in some Absolut cities: Athens, Florence, New York, Milan, Bologna, Lisbon and Paris. Haronitaki is interested in exploring the relationships between human and animal characteristics and uses animal fur to represent a deep animal force. In particular, the zebra fascinates him because it is a peaceful animal a d represents liberty. Three favorite works of art are shown: Haronitaki's favorite Bourgeois work, her favorite Haronitaki work, and Haronitaki's favorite Absolut image (Absolut Passion). He says: I believe that passion is one of the most efficient ways to be creative. Passion, as summed up so beautifully in the Absolut Passion image, IS absolute for me." Forthcoming exhibitions of each of the artists are listed, as well as the Absolut Generations Exhibition at the Venice Biennale (where both artists will be exhibiting in the same room).
Man painted like an animal.
Copyright: 2003
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