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ABSOLUT GAULTIER (oxdans) is the third Absolut ad using that logo and a photo/ad from the 2002 Absolut Legends Collection (which contained ads inspired by the myth stories of Old Sweden). The first two were Absolut Gaultier (midsommar) and Absolut Gaultier (valborg). This version features Oxdans, the Fighter of the Mating Bulls. He is a warrior braving bulls, at the height of the mating season. The ad shows a muscular man wearing brown pants with furry chaps, dancing a traditional Swedish folkdance. Holding the horns of an ox near his ears, he has furry white Absolut letters attached to his otherwise uncovered torso. (It's all Haute Couture by legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier and photographed in the Stockholm Archipelago in June 2002 by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.) Printed up the left margin of this Spanish ad is: TBWA\PARIS and ©2002; under the logo, there was a reference to the website: www.Absolut.com/Legends

4/03 Vanidad magazine # 94 (Spain), p. 37
Copyright: 2002
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