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ABSOLUT GORE VIDAL is in the 8/00 issue of Interview magazine (p. 27); it is very similar to the photo on page 76 of the 7/00 issue of Vanity Fair mag, which was part of the Absolut 20th Anniversary Collection. Since this single ad does not have a traditional logo near the bottom of the page, I've listed it under the name of the person featured in the ad.
GORE VIDAL, 75, is a famous American author and social critic who's seen contemplating his next work, while holding on to a dictionary with an ABSOLUT DEFINITION ad.

This ad does have 4 differences from the original: it lists the person by name, it lists his fave ad, it states that this is "One in a series of 20 portraits celebrating ABSOLUT VODKA's 20th anniversary.", and it has the ypical info printed at the bottom (including 2000 and photograph by Annie Leibovitz).

This is the eleventh ad in the ABSOLUT 20th ANNIVERSARY Series.
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