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ABSOLUTLY Booklet - The 8-pages of this 7"x10" booklet are all done in black & white.

"Ahus, Sweden, through the eyes of Helmet Newton." is printed across page 1, which shows a stream gurgling through woods.

"Do the fields of Wheat sing in their waving silence in anticipation of the future?" is printed down the right side of pages 2-3, which show a scarecrow in a wheat field.

"If the Earth is reaped bare of its fruit will it rise again to begin another life?" is printed down the right edge of pages 4-5, which show a partially harvested wheat field against a dramatic sky of rain clouds.

"Will the Water seep into the earth's skin to rise again one day to become something greater?" is printed down the right side of pages 6-7, showing fresh, clean water rushing over a small waterfall.

The answer to the three questions posed in the booklet is presented on the last page in the form of a new, official ad:

ABSOLUTLY. Printed below the logo is - Absolut Vodka is made exclusively in Ahus, Sweden, from the finest local ingredients. The traditional info is printed down the right margin, including 2001, Photography by Helmet Newton, and Enjoy Our Quality Responsibly
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