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ABSOLUT GREEN. is a new ad that is very similar to the ABSOLUT 19th ad: an aerial view of one of the holes of a golf course, where this hole is Absolut-shaped. In the original ad, the 19th hole referred to the cocktail lounge that players would visit after finishing a thirst inspiring 18 holes of golf. This ad refers to "the green", a slang term for one of the holes of a golf course. This Euro ad has TBWA and the typical info, including 1994,2000, printed up the left margin. Underneath the logo, it says: TEE OFF WITH A DOUBLE SHOT OF ABSOLUT CITRON SERVED LONG OVER ICE. FOLLOW THROUGH WITH A SHOT OF MIDORI, GRAPEFRUIT AND PINEAPPLE JUICE AND YOU'LL BE ON THE ABSOLUT GREEN. Could this be the recipe for the Absolut Green cocktail?
Grapefruit Design

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