Absolut Glaad.  back
ABSOLUT GLAAD is on the back cover of the6-7-8/01 issue of Metro Source NY magazine. It's a 2000 ad featuring a yellow-orange Absolut shaped lava lamp presented against a black backdrop and a beautiful yellow-orange spotlight. Inside the lamp, an orange shape transforms into a lemon shape; the metamorphosis continues in 3 more steps ending up with 2 round masses, one larger than the other. "Absolut Vodka is proud to present the 11th Annual GLAAD Media Awards." is printed below the logo. (This is very similar to the Absolut GLAAD ad printed in the 2/27/01 issue of The Advocate, except that this one is 2000, not 2001 (?), and has the added statement below the logo.)
Grapefruit Design

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