Absolut Copley.  back
ABSOLUT COPLEY is printed on the inside back cover of Bomb mag (Summer '99). The ad, featuring artwork by American artist Billy Copley, shows a series of abstract impressions made with a rubber ink stamp, surrounding an Absolut shape that may also have been made with a number of connected intricate stamped marks, or perhaps with a flower shaped sponge. The letters SOLUT are stamped a few times and there are some marks made by a spray paint can. It's all done on interconnected tiles. There are two intriguing things about this ad. First, the logo is printed in a different font than previous Absolut ads and there is no period following the logo. Second, the artwork is called ABSOLUT COPLEY, 1999 but the copyright date is 1997!!! All I can figure is that Absolut obtained the rights to this art in 1997, but didn't publish it until now, and that Billy Copley didn't exhibit the work and decided to rename it with 1999 to keep it current. Maybe, Copley included 1999 in the title back in 1997. What do you think?
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