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ABSOLUT BLECKNER is on page 41 of the 9/98 issue of Interview magazine. This new 1998 ad features artwork by Ross Bleckner: the entire page is filled by brownish gray interlocking shapes which resemble atomic molecules. Some of the shapes are slightly darker and form an Absolut bottle shape.
"Ross Bleckner is an influential protagonist in the worldwide art scene. He made his mark in the 1980s ... recent work is influenced primarily by nature, which he moderates into buoyant shapes." Born in New York City, his works "are held in ... public collections throughout the globe, including New York's Museum of Modern Art (and) the Saint Louis Art Museum." He "has been featured in Artforum, Art In America, ARTnews, ... The New Yorker, The New York Times (and) Vanity Fair." For more information on him, just click on this hypertext link: ROSS BLECKNER.
Many different gray shaped circles with an emphasis on the outline of a bottle.
Artist: Ross Bleckner
Grapefruit Design

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