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ABSOLUT GDANSK is a new ad on page 11 of the 12/98-1/99 issue of Scanorama, the inflight magazine of SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System). This ad is Number 36 in the ABSOLUTELY THE BEST GATHERING PLACES IN EUROPE Series. It shows a lovely wintry scene in the historic district in Gdansk Poland with a naturally Absolut shaped fountain covered in snow and icicles. Stanislawa Jablonska photographed the night scene with the window-lit buildings surrounding the fountain in this 1998 ad. A statue of Neptune, the Greek god of the sea, rests atop the fountain; according to legend, vodka poured from the statue's trident late one night, to the absolute joy of local revellers.
Gdansk PORT OF PROMINENCE is on the facing page (10) and tells the history of the city once known as Danzig and where the Polish Solidarity movement rose up against Communism in the shipyard. Highlights and photos of four Absolut-serving places in Gdansk are featured along with a small pix of Absolut Wonderland.
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