Absolut Halo. 2pg back
ABSOLUT HALO is another new-style ad spread across 2 black pages: a
close-up of the neck of an Absolut Vodka bottle is shown on both pages,
with a small, non-traditional logo on the left page, in the upper left corner. Just below the logo, and extending across both pages is the statement: "LARS OLSSON SMITH IS THE PATRON SAINT OF PURITY. He first sold "Absolut Pure Vodka" in 1879. Perfecting vodka was his idea. Putting his face on every bottle was ours. This statement is below that, on page 2: "OUR DEVOTION TO PERFECTION IS ABSOLUT." Printed up the upper left margin is the typical ad info, including 2002 and photograph by Coppi Barbieri. Following Absolut Origin and Absolut Sanctity, this appears to be another in a new series of Absolut ads, which I'm referring to as the DEVOTION TO PERFECTION Series. (A halo can be defined as a circle of light appearing to surround the head of a Saint, or as the aura of glory and veneration surrounding an idealized person.) With "Sanctity" and "Halo", are the advertisers trying to deify Absolut?
Copyright: 2003
Grapefruit Design

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