Absolut Queen. Album Covers back
ABSOLUT QUEEN is the newest addition to the ABSOLUT CLASSIC ALBUM COVERS Series. There is a white, translucent Absolut bottle shape, surrounded and backed by a pink and blue striped semicircle. The bottle has a large letter Q, made of blue ribbon, resting on the bottle neck and extending halfway down the front of the bottle. A pink fairy and a green fairy are on either side of the bottle, with a wingspread swan above and a couple of lion sketches. The typical Absolut info is printed below the pink logo, including "Album Cover Art Directed by David Costa and is Copyrighted to Queen Productions Ltd. A Night At The Opera by Queen" and 2002.

The original album, A Night At The Opera, was released in 1975 by the classic rock group Queen, featuring the now deceased Freddie Mercury as lead singer. The original album artwork was strikingly similar to this Absolut ad, except that there was a white, translucent mirror, surrounded by the blue ribbon Q. This album was their breakthrough album and remains their most popular. It includes the 6 minute opus, Bohemian Rhapsody, which is one of the best songs ever made and, in a recent poll in Britain, was voted the most popular British song of all time.
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