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ABSOLUT BROAD BAND. How can this ad be described? To start with, there's the traditional presentation: Absolut Vodka bottle placed on a dark, reflective surface and bathed in a bright spotlight against a dark backdrop. So what's the twist in this ad? Well, for starters, the bottle cap lays on the reflective surface, next to the bottle, with large droplets of vodka everywhere. And, to top it off, the neck of the bottle is very wide (broad?), which allows for highspeed broadband access to the best vodka on Earth. (This is much like highspeed broadband Internet access!) Printed, in Italian, under the logo: "Absolut Vodka E' La Scelta Migliore. Gustatela Liscia, Con Ghiaccio O Nei Drinks E Nei Cocktails." Standard Absolut ad info is printed up the left margin, including: TBWA, 2002 and photo by Michel DuBois.
Bottle with extra wide mouth.
Copyright: 2002
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