Absolut Collector. Female back
ABSOLUT COLLECTOR is an ad that reminds me of the Absolut Responsibility ad. Someone has collected pieces of paper, receipts, post-it notes, etc., and attached them to the refrigerator with magnets; each piece contains a person's name with their phone number or e-mail address. A bunch of the paper scraps form an Absolut shape in the center of the photo. Printed, in Italian, under the logo: "Absolut Vodka E' La Scelta Migliore. Gustatela Liscia, Con Ghiaccio O Nei Drinks E Nei Cocktails." Standard Absolut ad info is printed up the left margin, including: TBWA, 2002 and photo by Paul Lepreux.
Notes on fridge in shape of bottle
Copyright: 2002
Grapefruit Design

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