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ABSOLUT VERSACE. ABSOLUT COOL. is on page 4 of the 6/98 issue of Cinemania, a Mexican magazine. It is less an ad for Absolut Vodka and more an ad for a 4/29/98 event called ABSOLUTAMENTE COOL, which was a fashion show in Mexico for top models like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Marcus Schenkenberg and Mark Findlay to wear Gianni Versace originals inspired by the Absolut bottle.
The ad features a full-page bottle of Absolut Vodka with the Kate Moss head shot (from the Absolut Versace Collection) overlapping the bottom of the bottle and the table it's resting on. Four model photos flank the bottle at it's base. ABSOLUT VERSACE is printed across the top of the page, separated by the neck of the bottle; across the page's bottom is ABSOLUT COOL.
I believe that this is a first for a Mexican magazine.
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