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ABSOLUT MORNING is on page 77 of the 4/00 issue of Max magazine (Italy). This 1997 ad is presented in the Italian version; it shows 2 toothbrushes standing up in a glass, which is in a wall-mounted glass holder. The bent tops of the toothbrushes form the neck of an Absolut bottle shape; the rest of the brushes and the glass form the remainder of the shape. Blue bathroom tile forms the backdrop. What a great sight to see every morning! The ad was photographed by Francois Ayme. TBWA and the other typical information are printed up the left margin, in the European tradition. The following is printed below the logo: ABSOLUT VODKA E' LA SCELTA MIGLIORE. GUSTATELA LISCIA, CON GHIACCIO O NEI DRINKS E NEI COCKTAILS. (Translation?)
Toothbrushes in a cup holder.
Copyright: 1997
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