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ABSOLUT McGARRY MORRIS is in the 5/22/00 New Yorker magazine (inside front cover and page 1). This newest Absolut ad is the latest addition to the ABSOLUT LITERARY SERIES. The 2-page ad features a short story by Mary McGarry Morris, set against a dark blue backing; the sketch of a large Absolut Vodka bottle is shown. Without giving away the story, which I found to be the best in the Series, a junkyard with the word Absolut on a sign is the basis for the storyline, which has a nice twist at the end. The logo is not presented in the normal fashion and location on the page; in fact, it is barely discernible. I believe that this is the first ad to stray from what we have all become accustomed to. The typical information, including the copyright, is not included. Other than the story, I don't like the ad; what do you think?
Mary McGarry Morris is the acclaimed author of Vanished, nominated for the National Book Award and the PEN/Faulkner Award; A Dangerous Woman (1993), chosen by Time as one of the five best novels of the year and made into a major motion picture; and Songs in Ordinary Time (1997), an Oprah Book Club Selection. Fiona Range is her latest novel due out this month. She is married and the mother of five children, living in Massachusetts.
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