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ABSOLUT HOLIDAYS is a new 1999 ad on page 33 of the 7/99 issue of Focus magazine from Italy. The top 80% of the ad is a large, bright yellow circle, with a smaller white circle in the middle, against a green background. The bottom of the ad is dark orange/yellow, with a bottle of Absolut Vodka lying on its back. This Italian ad represents the Absolut bottle on vacation ("enjoying the holidays") lying on a sandy beach under a bright sunny sky. There is writing in Italian under the logo: ABSOLUT VODKA E' LA SCELTA MIGLIORE. GUSTATELA LISCIA, CON GHIACCIO O NEI DRINKS E NEI COCKTAILS. TBWA and the typical European ad info is printed up the left margin. The photographer is Mike Parsons, who has photographed many Absolut ads; however, in a rare mistake for an Absolut ad, his name is misspelled as Prsons!
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