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ABSOLUTE GIULIANI is on page 40 of the 11-12/98 issue of POP SMEAR mag (issue 18.0). For info, click here: POPsmear Magazine Sex, Drugs, RockNRoll. The magazine is for adults only and is rated NC-17. A list of locations where the mag is sold can be found on the website by clicking LOCATIONS in the left margin.
This fake ad shows what appears to be an Absolut Vodka bottle with most of the main part of the bottle obliterated by a skyline view of New York City; there is a huge crack in the bottle, right through the picture. The bottle cap, neck and Lars O. Smith emblem appear to be from the original bottle, which rests on a dark horizontal surface and appears in a rough white spotlight (similar to many authentic ads.) Below the fake logo, is written: It's Giuliani Time

It appears obvious that they are referring to NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and what many people consider to be his dictatorial style of governing and its crippling effect on the future of New York City's mindset (hence the crack across the view of the skyline) and its cultural institutions. This fake ad brings to mind the famous saying:
"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."
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