Absolut Cozy. Spectacular - MINT condition! back
The ABSOLUT COZY Spectacular was published as an insert in the New York Times
newspaper (NYC home delivery only) on Sunday, December 16, 2001; I understand
that it was published elsewhere on that day. The 10"x12" insert had a wood
grain look, with a clear plastic, Absolut-shaped "window" in the center.
Visible through the window is the cozy featured in the Christmas 2001 ad,
which I previously described. A cozy is defined as a cover that you put on a
teapot or a boiled egg to keep it warm. In this case, it's a cover for a
bottle of Absolut Vodka; the bottle cover is red, green & white and resembles
a sweater or a stocking, with a reindeer, a snowflake and the words ABSOLUT
VODKA printed on it. Below the window, is an ABSOLUT COZY logo and below
that is written: A holiday gift designed by Cynthia Rowley for Absolut.

On the reverse side of the gift packet, made in China, is written over a wood
grain motif: Perfect for holiday parties as well as the most intimate of
get-togethers, this exclusive limited-edition ABSOLUT COZY was designed by
world-famous fashion guru Cynthia Rowley. To enjoy fully, place over your 1
liter bottle of Absolut and display at all holiday gatherings. Then simply
pull down the top, remove the bottle cap, and pour!" This is 2001, imported
by Absolut Spirits Co., New York, NY
MINT condition!
Grapefruit Design

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