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ABSOLUT COBBLERS is on the inside front cover of TIME OUT LONDON mag (7/8-15/98). It features the Helmut Newton black & white photo of model Kristen McMenamy wearing a Manolo Blahnik boot (with the word ABSOLUT on it) floating on a rubber raft in the moat of the Vittskovle Castle in Sweden. This photo was used for the ad ABSOLUT BLAHNIK in the 1995 NEWTON COLLECTION.
ABSOLUT VODKA PRESENTS AN EXHIBITION OF SHOES AS ART. Absolut Cobblers is an ad for the 7/15-8/19/98 event at the Barbican Centre in London. There is a small drawing of an Absolut Vodka bottle in the lower left hand corner. The ad is copyright 1995 (for Blahnik) and 1998 (for Cobblers).
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