Absolut Citron. Oasis back
ABSOLUT CITRON is on page 17 of the 9/17/98 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
ABSOLUT CITRON (flowers), as I call it, shows a brown, parched portion of land, whith cracks criss-crossing the photo by Steve Bronstein; it could be a desert or the bottom of a dry reservoir. In any case this newest 1998 ad version of "Citron" shows a small bunch of yellow flowers clinging to life on this barren land; of course, the flowers form the Absolut bottle shape. The logo at the bottom is in yellow.
This is the 6th ad in the ABSOLUT CITRON series:
lemon slice -- 1993
lemon slice -- 1995
lava lamp -- 1996
taxicabs -- 1998
butterflies -- 1998
flowers -- 1998
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