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ABSOLUT FLOAT is the newest ad in the Absolut Vanilia Campaign, for the new vanilla-flavored vodka from Absolut. It presents the bottle floating in a bubbly mixture of Absolut Vanilia, cola and ice cubes; the bottle and background mixture are all tinted a brown, cola color. The recipe for the Absolut Float cocktail is printed under the logo: Skip the Scoop. Absolut Vanilia + Chilled Cola + Crushed Ice, followed by the typical Absolut info, including 2003 and Photo by Toby McFarlan Pond. (A Float is a soft drink with vanilla ice cream floating in it, like a Root Beer Float or a Cola Float. Here, the vanilla ice cream is replaced by a superior vanilla flavor.) Absolut Snap and Absolut Float appear to be the start of a new type of Absolut Vanilia cocktail recipe ad series.
Vanilia bottle floating on cola background.
Copyright: 2003
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