Absolut Patience. 1-pg back
ABSOLUT PATIENCE is one of those new-style ads, but in a 1-page format, rather than 2-pages. There's a close-up of the side of an Absolut Vodka bottle, just below the neck, with a small, non-traditional logo in the lower left corner. Just below the logo is the statement: "A martini can be made in as little as 63 seconds. An ABSOLUT martini, however requires a bit more lead time. 10 months to grow the winter wheat and 50,000 years for our water source, a bedrock acquifer, to form." (Wow! That IS patience!) This statement is below that: "OUR DEVOTION TO PERFECTION IS ABSOLUT." Printed down the upper right margin is the typical ad info, including 2002 and photograph by Coppi Barbieri. Following Absolut Origin, Absolut Sanctity and Absolut Halo, this is the next ad in a new series of Absolut ads which are part of the ABSOLUT HERITAGE CAMPAIGN.
Copyright: 2002
Grapefruit Design

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