Absolut Extract. Spectacular back
ABSOLUT EXTRACT is the latest ad spectacular from The Absolut Company. The two-sided ad is made of heavy white paper folded in half to form an 8"x11" sleeve, which is cut through with a large Absolut shape. Glued inside the sleeve is an opaque plastic sheet with a gray Absolut Vanilia bottle visible in the cutout. (You can see clearly through the words Absolut Vanilia.) The bottle is outlined by a continuous perforation, so that you can easily remove, or extract, it. There is a gray logo at the bottom of the ad, with the words "Rich, Robust, and Complex. It's a Different Kind of Vanilla." printed below. The typical Absolut info is printed on the reverse side of the ad, including Printed by Carolyn Burbridge at Match NYC, and 2003.
white cardboard (or thick paper) ad with a large die cut Absolut bottle. The die cut Absolut bottle is a clear, plastic Absolut Vanilla bottle that's perforated so you can punch it out (
Copyright: 2003
Grapefruit Design

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