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ABSOLUT TUAREG is a new ad on the back cover of Select magazine #48. This 1998 European ad features a sword thrust dramatically into desert sands, photographed in shades of brown, in bright sunlight, against the backdrop of the rising sands of the desert. The sword handle has a shape resembling an Absolut Vodka bottle. TBWA and the typical info is printed up the left margin; below the logo is written:
Absolut Is The Best Dressed Vodka, Straight, On Ice Or In Cocktails.
Tuareg Sword Designed By Alphadi, Photographed In The Tenere Desert In Niger By Per Zennstrom.
The Tuareg people are a nomadic tribe found primarily in the North African country of Nigeria; the Tuareg account for 23 thousand out of a population of 128 million. Tuareg culture embraces many forms of art, including music, poetry and crafts. The Tuareg Knife and the Tuareg Sword, examples of their crafted art, are traded with other tribes, not sold for money; they are treasured for their decorative craftsmanship and rarity.

Alphadi is a fashion designer from Nigeria who has found a niche in the elite circles of Paris. He hopes to hold fashion shows to develop Niger into a leader of Africa's fashion business and textile industry.

For sales of Select Magazine in the USA, call 1-800-221-3148. Undated, Select went on sale in March 1999; I found it in the Arts section, among the magazines, at Barnes & Nobles Booksellers.
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