Absolut Tribute.  back
ABSOLUT TRIBUTE is on the inside back cover of the 4/00 issue of Quo magazine (Spain). There is a stack of film reel cases, topped by a large camera lens, all forming an Absolut shape. This new ad is presented with the traditional white spotlight, black background and shiny table surface. Each of the film reel cases are marked, in Spanish, with the title of a film directed by renowned Spanish movie director Pedro Almodovar, from Salome (1979) through All About My Mother (1999), which won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film at the 2000 Academy Awards. Thus, this ad is a tribute to the director's body of work. Printed up the left margin are TBWA and the information usually found on a European ad, including ? 1995, 2000. I'm not sure why there are 2 dates, especially since the 1999 film could not have been in the 1995 ad. Was there an earlier version of the ad with a smaller stack? Or are they referring to a similar ad called ABSOLUT PRESERVATION, with the logo changed and these movie titles added?
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