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ABSOLUT TOKYO is on page 11 of the 4/01 issue of Scanorama, the in-flight magazine of SAS (Scandinavian Airway System) and is an ad in the ABSOLUT CITIES OF ASIA Series. This ad has sashimi (raw seafood), topped by a garnish of green plastic grass, on top of a square clear glass plate; below the plate are two attractive wooden chopsticks, resting on a wooden holder. This could be a traditional dish in a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. The sashimi, represented by 6 pieces of yellowtail tuna, forms a vague Absolut shape, with the garnish forming the bottleneck. In my opinion, this is one of the most visually attractive Absolut ads; however, without the Absolut Tokyo logo at the bottom, I believe that even most Absolut fans would be hard pressed to identify this as an Absolut ad. TBWA/HAKUHODO, ©1999 and Photo: Jean-Louis Bloch-Lainé are printed up the left margin.
Copyright: 1993
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