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ABSOLUT SUSPICION is a new ad on page 212 of the 5/99 issue of Focus, a magazine from Italy. This 1998 ad, photographed by Mike Parsons, has an Absolut Vodka bottle in the traditional presentation: white spotlight, black background, flat surface. However, a profile of the bottle is shown, a la ABSOLUT PROFILE. The bottle is about 40% full, with 3 horizontal black marks on the side. The bottom mark is at the current level of the vodka's surface, while the other 2 are higher up. Apparently, the bottle owner thinks that someone else has been sneaking sips of the Absolut, so they mark the bottle, at the vodka's surface, every time they put it away. From time to time, they must check to see if the bottle's vodka level is below the line, confirming their suspicion.
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