Absolut Stockholm New. Stockholm New back
ABSOLUT STOCKHOLM NEW is on page 37 and presents small versions of the 4 ads other ads in this collection, each with comments by the photographer under each photo.
Dawid writes: "It's about reduction, seeing how far it's possible to simplify the message. It's interesting to see how strong the product's message is - that it actually communicates even when stripped down to just digital 1s and 0s." Lieberath writes about his ad: "Instead of being conceptual, the picture is a study of the bottle, the shape of the bottle, for it's own sake, but from a slightly altered perspective. I guess it's a sort of clinical, quasi-scientific photographic approach." Keller writes: "The soil is the foundation for vegetation. The growing power of the soil is the force behind all life. That's where liquor comes from, too." Jansson writes about his ad: "No comment."
Grapefruit Design

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