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ABSOLUT STAR is a second version of the ad; the original version showed a bottle of Absolut Vodka in its traditional presentation (white spotlight, black background), but with a reflection of the light just off the left side of the bottle's neck, forming a star. "Star 2" is very similar to the 1987 ABSOLUT STARDOM ad: a series of "Broadway" lights form the outline of an Absolut shape, as well as the medallion on the bottle's neck. The lights also spell ABSOLUT VODKA across the darkened center of the "bottle". Unlike the original, this Euro ad has TBWA and the typical info, including 1987, printed up the left margin. Underneath the logo, it says: ABSOLUT, FRESH LIME JUICE, BLACKBERRY LIQUOR, DASH OF GOMME SYRUP. YOU'VE MADE IT. Could that be the recipe for the Absolut Star Drink?
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