Absolut Secret. Ad for the show back
ABSOLUT SECRET is a new ad on page 24 of the 12/98 Art in America magazine.
At the top of the ad it reads: "YOU COULD BECOME A BIG TIME ART COLLECTOR!! just follow these simple instructions" Below is a blue Absolut shape with the following text inside: "2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
1. arrive at location below
2. peruse the 2000 anonymous artworks by famous and not so famous artists
3. rub chin with discerning look
4. choose favorite artwork, pay $100
5. exit with smug expression when you find you got an Alex Katz DAVID McKEE GALLERY PREVIEW DEC 16 212-645-8372 EXHIBIT DEC 17-19th" A bunch of question marks surround the bottle. At the bottom of the 1998 ad, below the logo and traditional info, is written: "WWW.ABSOLUTSECRET.COM"
Grapefruit Design

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