Absolut Wolgers. Originals - Scanorama back
ABSOLUT WOLGERS is the newest Absolut ad and is on the inside back cover of the 8/23/99 issue of Time magazine, Atlantic edition. With artwork by Swedish artist Dan Wolgers, the ad shows a metal bottle rack with 5 tiers of upturned metal pegs; each peg is ready to have the mouth of an upside down bottle placed over it. This bottle rack, shown against a black background, holds only 1 bottle, an Absolut bottle, on the top tier, of course!

This is one of the ads in the continuing Absolut Originals Serties, found monthly in this mag.

Dan Wolgers: Relating To Marcel Duchamps is the title of the Absolut Originals page is the facing page (52) has an interview with the artist by Marie-Louise Ekman. There is also a photo of the artist with his bottle rack and the Absolut bottle, as found in the ad. His favorite work of art is Bottle Rack by Marcel Duchamp, 1914, and his favorite Absolut image is Absolut Indiana featuring Robert Indianas large LOVE letters.
Copyright: 1999
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