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ABSOLUT MONTECRISTO is a 1999 ad on page 148 of the 4/00 Max mag (French edition). This photo by Mark Bardy has the Absolut Vodka bottle in the traditional pose on a shiny table, in a bright spotlight against a dark background. However, here the bottle has no cap and there are small white pieces of cloth tied together like bedsheets used to climb out of an upper story window. The cloths are secured around the top of the bottle and stretch down almost to the table. This is reminiscent of the Count of Monte Cristo, in the famous Alexandre Dumas novel, escaping from a high tower window using a safety line made of bedsheets. The open bottle top represents the open window.
Below the logo is written in French: Absolut Vodka Est Vendue Au Montecristo, 68 Avenue Des Champs Elysees, Paris 8EME. This refers to an establishment in Paris France that serves Absolut Vodka exclusively. BDDP@TBWA and the typical European information is printed up the left margin.
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