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ABSOLUT BARCELO' is a new 3-page ad on on pages 99-101 of the 5/24/99 issue of TIME Atlantic Edition. Part of the ABSOLUT ORIGINALS Series, this 1999 ad features artwork by Majorcan artist Miquel Barcelo' in the form of a triptych, which is a work of art composed of 3 hinged or folding panels. The artwork, utilizing clay and cow dung, shows a number of people in an African open air market. Most of the figures incorporate part of an Absolut ad; I was able to identify Absoluts Auld, Cameron, Frabel, Haring, Karparov, Rodrigue, Warhol and Warhola.
An ABSOLUT ORIGINALS page on Miquel Barcelo': A Cultural Marriage is presented on page 98, featuring an interview with the artist (by Herve' Landry) and a picture of his favorite Absolut image, Absolut Perfection.
Sometimes called TIME Europe, the TIME Atlantic Edition of TIME The Weekly Newsmagazine is published in The Netherlands for distribution primarily in Europe. This Series began with the 9/21/98 issue
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