Absolut Mariscal. Originals - Scanorama back
ABSOLUT MARISCAL is on page 11 of the 4/00 issue of Scanorama, the in-flight magazine of SAS (Scandinavian Airway System) and is the eighth ad in the Absolut Originals Series. Apparently this ad appeared previously in Time Europe. This 1999 ad features artwork by Javier Mariscal. Shown are a series of stick figures surrounding a rough sketch of an Absolut bottle, all set against an orange background. The stick figure people are either serving or drinking Absolut.
An ABSOLUT ORIGINALS page on Javier Mariscal: Getting Paid To Have Fun is the facing page (10), featuring an interview with the artist (by Jesus Cano), the artist's favorite Absolut image (Absolut Manhattan), and where to see him in 2000. He created two mascots: Cobi, for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and Twipsy, for the Hannover 2000 Exhibition. In the interview, Spanish artist Mariscal said: "The Absolut visual line is really powerful * By putting the best of my own work alongside the best vodka, I'm doing publicity for them and, at the same time, they're doing publicity for me."
Copyright: 1999
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