Absolut Saudek. Originals - Scanorama back
ABSOLUT SAUDEK is on page 11 of the 10/99 issue of Scanorama, the in-flight magazine of SAS (Scandinavian Airway System) and is the fourth ad in ABSOLUT ORIGINALS, A Special Advertorial Series. This 1998 ad, which I believe was previously published in an issue of TIME Atlantic Edition, is a photograph of Jan Saudek's artwork. Mr. Saudak photographed a young woman wearing a substantially transparent dress, that exposes her right breast; she is holding a sword in her left hand and is staring at a bottle of Absolut Vodka in her right hand. This ad is done in black and white, except for the sword which gradually gains color as it progresses from the handle to the tip, with the bottom third blood-red.
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