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ABSOLUT CATTELAN is on page 11 of the 7-8/99 issue of Scanorama, the in-flight magazine of SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) and is the second ad in ABSOLUT ORIGINALS, A Special Advertorial Series. This 1998 ad, previously published in the 10/26/98 issue of TIME Atlantic Edition, is a Marc Bardi photograph of Maurizio Cattelan's artwork. An Absolut Vodka bottle is shown in the traditional presentation, but with the cap off and a mouse inside holding it's head. (Animals are featured in a lot of the artist's work.)
An ABSOLUT ORIGINALS page on Maurizio Cattelan: The Mouse That Roared is the facing page (10), featuring an interview with the artist (by Angelo Capasso), the artist's favorite Absolut image (Absolut Newton), and where to see his work in 1999 (this was an addition to the original interview page). On the Absolut Cattelan ad is written: "Interview as appeared originally in Time magazine".
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