French Bars
Entire ad upside down.
Absolut Au Bon Sens.
Bottle with a coffee cup in front of it that has a banana in it.
Absolut Banana Café.
Bottle with a metal chain/collar around the neck of it.
Absolut Bouledogue.
Absolut Cannibale.
Absolut China Club.
Absolut Depanneur.
Absolut Folie's Pigalle.
Absolut Iguana.
Absolut Jour Et Nuit.
Absolut Le Bus.
Absolut Les Bains.
Absolut Lili La Tigresse.
Absolut Opportuniste.
Absolut Queen.
Absolut Regine's.
Absolut Rex.
Absolut Terminus.
Absolut VIP.
Absolut La Notte.
Octopus holding the bottle
Absolut 20 000 Lieues.
Standard Absolut bottle under spotlight.
Absolut Vodka.
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