Absolut Quencher.  back
ABSOLUT QUENCHER is featured on the front of the ABSOLUT SUMMER fold-out. It is an ad previously published in 2002. It\'s a bright colorful ad that brings us to an outdoor table on a summer\'s afternoon. The table is laid out with a collection of flowers, a pitcher of Absolut/lemonade, and an ice-filled glass (topped with a mint sprig) just waiting to be filled to the brim with the thirst quenching liquid, guaranteed to satisfy a thirsty mouth. The pitcher also contains some lemon and lime slices and ice cubes positioned in such a way as to form a vague Absolut image. Below the logo, the following is printed: ABSOLUT CITRON. A SPLASH OF CLUB SODA. LEMONADE. CHILL. Further down is printed the typical Absolut info, including 2002 and photo by Lisa Hubbard.
Jar of lemonade with lemons making the bottle shape.
Copyright: 2002
Grapefruit Design

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