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ABSOLUT COUPLAND is a new 2-page ad in the 6/98 issue of Harper's magazine on the inside front cover and page 1. This is the latest in the Absolut Literary Series that includes ABSOLUT DUNNE and ABSOLUT ALVAREZ. It features a short story by Doug Coupland, that begins "We were at the 2003 World's Fair in Los Angeles." The story traces the experiences of 2 friends, including their remembrances of "the scent of the tangerines we squished into the glasses of Absolut at the Vietnamese Pavilion.". Pictures and sketches, representing various portions of the story, surround the text; 2 bottles of Absolut Vodka are included. (Harper's publishes the ad in a regular 8-1/2" x 11" format.)
Doug Coupland is the writer who coined the term "Generation X" to describe an entire generation of twenty-something year olds; this was in his first novel, Generation X: Tales from an Accelerated Culture (1991). He was born in West Germany and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he still lives. This Canadian's characters are often honest and witty, yet retrospective. Among his novels are Microserfs (1995) and Girlfriend in a Coma (1998). Among his short stories are Jumbo and the Jet Set (1/98 Wallpaper magazine) and Clone, Clone on the Range (published last year in Time magazine). He has written articles in The Face, Details, Max (Italian), the New York Times, HotWired and The New Republic. Check out his website at www.coupland.com
Doug's fee for this ad was donated to the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.
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