Absolut 20th Anniverssary Information Page. 20th Anniversary back
The summary page (p. 78) has a small version of each of the actual ads, with the name of each of the admiring people below, all done against a blue background. Below is written: FROM ALL OF US AT ABSOLUT VODKA TO EVERYONE WHO'S EVER HAD A FAVORITE ABSOLUT AD, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE LAST 20 YEARS MORE FUN THAN WE EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. PORTRAITS BY ANNIE LEIBOVITZ

There is no logo for any of the pages, in particular, or for the collection, in general. I could have just as easily called it the ABSOLUT ANNIE LEIBOVITZ COLLECTION or the ABSOLUT VANITY FAIR 2000 COLLECTION. The typical info, including 2000, is printed down the right margin of the last page of this 24-page spectacular, which was part of the ABSOLUT EXHIBITION at Grand Central Terminal earlier this month.
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