Absolut Gucci. 99 Fashion back
The TOM FORD/GUCCI COLLECTION is on pages 61 through 68 of the 6/99 Vogue magazine (USA). Each photo shows men and women on a dance floor surrounded by soapy bubbles and foam, rather that smoke and fog.
ABSOLUT TOM FORD is on page 61 and features the face of a woman partially obscured by the fingers of her left hand; the fake fingernail on her ring finger is in an Absolut shape.
Six pages follow without any Absolut logos:
On page 62, one woman in blue jeans has a strange looking Absolut shaped design sewn to her rear pocket.
On page 63, a woman is sitting on the shoulders of a man while wearing knee high silver boots, which have the word ABSOLUT printed down the side.
On page 64, a woman is dancing with a man wearing nothing but a sequin covered white bikini with an Absolut bottle on the front.
On page 65, a man is wearing a white, open-necked, sleeveless tee shirt with ABSOLUT across the front.
On page 66, a man's blue jeans have a big silver bottle with ABSOLUT across it.
On page 68, a woman and a man are kissing; she has a medium sized over-the-shoulder bag, with the word ABSOLUT repeated over and over. The typical Absolut information and 1999 copyright date are printed up the left margin of this page.

ABSOLUT GUCCI is on page 68 and shows the back of a dancer's Gucci jacket with a large silver bottle and the word ABSOLUT. Gucci is a Florence, Italy, fashion house enjoying spectacular success in the '90s after a decade of disastrous decline. Established in 1922, the House of Gucci became famous for its classic horse-bit loafer, but by the late '80s, the Gucci brand had fallen from grace. The swift turnaround in Gucci's fortunes has been largely credited to creative director and internationally renowned fashion designer Tom Ford, a former actor and model who joined the company in 1990.
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