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In a recent issue of Climbing magazine, we at Pusher, Inc. placed the full-page "ABSOLUTELY PUSHER" advertisement that is reproduced below. As such, our advertisement infringed The Absolut Company's trademark rights, for which we are genuinely and deeply sorry.

We at Pusher are pleased that we were able to resolve this matter with The Absolut Company in an amicable manner. More importantly, we have learned a new level of respect for trademarks and other intellectual property rights, and are committed to avoiding infringement in the future.

We thank The Absolut Company for dealing with us in a reasonable manner and for educating us about the role of its famous trademarks in helping to make Absolut brand vodka one of the best-selling vodkas in the world.

(pusher) 209 West Utopia Avenue Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

{The above was printed on page 113 of the 6/15/01 issue of Climbing magazine. Accompanying it was a small Absolutely Pusher ad, allegedly printed in a previous Climbing mag. Was it actually printed previously or is this some sort of spoof ad? I've not seen it or heard of it. In any case, the "ad" shows powdery white chalk in an Absolut bottle shape. Among other products, Pusher makes chalk used by rock-face climbers to allow their hands to get a better grip.} >>
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