Absolut Jozi.
Nhlanhla Mahlangu
Absolut Just Nevo.
Milan Cecil
Absolut Krusty
Absolut Kurant.
Absolut Laboratory.
Nhlanhla Mahlangu
Absolut Life.
Jalal Bouanani
Lightbulb. Ad by Creative Design.
Absolut Light.
Pavel Volvovik
Absolut Lightning.
Alper Yesiltas
Absolut London.
Jesus Olmo
Absolut Look.
Daniel de la barrera valladolid
Absolut Lost.
Josias Rico
Absolut Love.
Martin Zeman
Absolut Low-Resolution.
Absolut Luciana.
Juan Pablo
Absolut Luxury.
Portia Liu
Absolut Mac OSX.
Bouanani Jalal
Absolut Magnetism.
Ana Victoria Jimenez Pina
A profusion of erosive virtuosity making the apology of an emblematic beverage.
Absolut Magnificence.
Antoine GRUYER
Absolut Mandablue.
Pablo & Emilio Aparicio Rodíguez
Absolut Masterpiece.
Candice Whittet
Basically took the idea from the matrix of falling letters(a similar one to their own) and took the shape idea of the actual absolut bottle and combined them both
Absolut Matrix.
Steven Glekel
Absolut Matrix.
Version 2
Absolut Miau.
Santiago Concha
Absolut Microcitron.
Pablo & Emilio Aparicio Rodíguez
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